High-precision mechanical components

We create customer-designed high-precision mechanical components.

Precision is our strength.

Globosrl, our company, has ten years experience in the field of bar turning. Thanks to the efficiency and the professionally of our operators we are able to satisfy all the customer’s demands.


Thanks to our machinery we are able to guarantee the highest quality and accuracy of all products required.

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Since 2011 our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and we are equipped with an air-conditioned metrological room provided with updated measurement tools.

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February 14, 2018

Machinery fleet renewal

We have renewed our company’s fleet with the introduction of a new lathe model SPRINT 20/5 equipped with 5 features five linear axes and a C axis on the main...
new globo site online News Globo
October 31, 2017

Welcome at Globo Srl our new Website.

We have a renewed graphic design and you could take advantage of new functionality as contacting us on our website.

lathe NewsNews Globo
October 31, 2017

We have installed the new Star SR-38 lathe

Our company's fleet continues to expand with the addition of a new STAR Swiss type automatic lathe, type A SR-38, construction year 2016, maximum working diameter of ø42mm, with seven...