We recognise our responsibility to protect our planet and do our bit by operating in a sustainable way and investing to guarantee occupational health and safety, the quality of our products and the conservation of the environment.

What’s more, our ERP system is able to control the planning and progress of production, during which various checks are performed.
The different markings (code, batch and other specifications required) applied to each part ensure its traceability.
The raw material batch (certified and inspected on arrival), the Order number and the machining procedures required are associated to every new production job

To achieve these aims we have adopted
a number of measures including:

Extraction system

This maintains a healthy environment by removing the tiny airborne particles emitted by the machinery.

Metal shavings

To process shavings with oil residues we have installed a centrifuge able to recover both 95% of oil, which is reused in production, and the shavings themselves.

Environment-friendly washing

The goods produced are washed in an environment-friendly ultrasonic washing unit using modified alcohol, which ensures optimal cleaning of complex surfaces, even inside narrow cavities, greatly reducing solvent consumption and enabling a longer lifetime.

Photovoltaic system

Installation of a photovoltaic system (120 kW) which supplies energy to the entire plant, with a view to reducing consumption and pollutant emissions and increasing reliance on renewable energy, an important factor in protecting the environment.

Automatic warehouses

Installation of an automatic warehouse for storing raw materials with a maximum capacity of 164 tonnes and an automatic tool warehouse with 60 drawers and a maximum capacity of 250 kg, which uses bar-code identification to speed up and streamline the production process.