Globo S.r.l., founded in 2004 at Verolanuova in the Province of Brescia by Francesco Binetti and his son Michele, originated as a small artisan concern specialising in the production of turned small metal parts.

A family business with twenty years’ experience in the precision machining of small metal parts by bar turning to the customer’s specification and designs, starting from diameter 4 mm to 42 mm.

SINCE 2004

In 2009 Nicola Binetti joined the company, reinforcing the support for production in order to ensure continual growth and development. The business has enjoyed constant growth and expansion with the addition of new personnel and the creation of a dynamic, strongly motivated team, committed to satisfying customers in Italy and abroad with responsive, accurate service and guaranteeing final product quality.


In 2017 Chiara Binetti joined the Sales Department to manage and support Italian and international customers in all their needs and requirements. We produce a wide range of turned parts and thanks to impressive investments we currently export 30% of our products to many countries worldwide.