Thanks to the introduction of leading-edge technologies, our entire production chain is tracked from the moment of receipt of a new enquiry, right through to shipment of the order.

What’s more, our ERP system is able to control the planning and progress of production, during which various checks are performed. The different markings (code, batch and other specifications required) applied to each part ensure its traceability. The raw material batch (certified and inspected on arrival), the Order number and the machining procedures required are associated to every new production job

Input of production job

When the order is received and entered in the ERP system, a new Job detailing the various production phases with the various specifications required by the customer is created.

Raw material procurement

When each job is entered in the ERP system, a QR Code identifying the material stored in the automatic warehouse necessary for its production is generated.

Machine tooling

All tools required for the process are stored in an automatic warehouse and mounted on the production machinery by skilled staff.


We produce turned parts on machinery with from 5 to 9 axes, with bar clearance from 4mm to 42mm. We also perform bending and assembly procedures.

Inspection room

We have an inspection room equipped with an assortment of gauges, optical and three-dimensional machines and various internal and external micrometers, all for measuring and checking every part produced.

Surface treatments

Any finishes required are executed with great care. In-house or with the aid of consolidated partners, we also perform grinding, thread rolling, brushing and polishing. We complete our production with various types of heat and plating treatments, including annealing and zinc, chromium or nickel-plating, performed in association with our trusted, consolidated partners to guarantee a complete product.


On completion of production, we wash articles with an ultrasonic metal parts washer using modified alcohol, to supply the finished product clean and free from oils and contaminants.

Packaging and shipment

Packaging and shipment are performed in-house in accordance with the customer’s requirements.